Kamnaskires III

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Coin: Kamnaskires and Anzaze

Kamnaskires III was a king of the Elymais. The Elymais was a Parthian vassal kingdom in nowadays South-western Iran. Following the dating on his coins he reigned from about 82/81 BC to 75 BC.

Kamnaskires III is mainly known from his coins on which he is depicted in an Iranian style, while earlier rulers of the Elymais followed on their coins Greek models. Next to the image of the king on the coins appears the portrait of Anzaze who was most likely his wife and perhaps even a co-regent. Kamnaskires III appears also in cuneiform texts (as Qabinaschkiri), where there is a reference of an uprising in the Elymais. As respond the Parthian king Orodes I sent troops. It is unknown whether he managed to gain again control over the Elymais. However, with Kamnaskires III starts a line of kings of the Elymais, minting their own coins, perhaps indicating some kind of independence.


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