Kamnitz Gorge

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In the Edmund Gorge

The Kamnitz Gorge (Czech: Soutěsky Kamenice, German: Kamnitzklamm or German: Edmundsklamm) is a rocky ravine between Hřensko (Herrnskretschen), Mezná and Srbská Kamenice in Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic. The river Kamnitz flows through it and discharges near Hřensko into the Elbe.


The Kamnitz Gorge was first travelled in 1877 by young men. Prince Edmund Clary-Aldringen had the way through the gorge widened by Italian construction workers in 1889 and in 1890 boats were used in the Edmund Gorge (German: Edmundsklamm, Czech: Edmundova Soutěska), also called the Silent Gorge (German: Stille Klamm, Czech: Tichá Soutěska). The Wild Gorge (German: Wilde Klamm, Czech: Divoká Soutěska) followed in 1898. In 1881 there was a boat service to the Grundmühle in the adjoining Ferdinand Gorge (Ferdinandsklamm), which has since been withdrawn.

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Coordinates: 50°52′10″N 14°16′7″E / 50.86944°N 14.26861°E / 50.86944; 14.26861