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Kamnoetvidya Science Academy
Kamnoetvidya Science Academy Logo.jpg
Emblem of KVIS
999 Moo 1

Wangchan Valley, Wangchan

Pa Yup Nai

, ,

Coordinates13°00′05.3″N 101°26′53.4″E / 13.001472°N 101.448167°E / 13.001472; 101.448167Coordinates: 13°00′05.3″N 101°26′53.4″E / 13.001472°N 101.448167°E / 13.001472; 101.448167
School typePrivate school , boarding Science School
Established6 August 2015
FounderDr. Pailin Chuchottaworn
School boardKamnoetvidya Science Academy Governing Board
School districtWangchan
AuthorityRASA Foundation
OversightMinistry of Education
ChairpersonDr. Pailin Chuchottaworn
PrincipalDr. Rachain Kosenlavit
Grades10–12 (Mathayom 4–6)
Age range15 - 18
Enrollment216 (2018 academic year)
 • Grade 1075
 • Grade 1169
 • Grade 1272
Average class size18
Medium of languageEnglish
CampusWangchan Valley
Campus typeRural
School colour(s)
Purple and Green
School feesfull scholarship awarded to all students

Kamnoetvidya Science Academy (Thai: โรงเรียนกำเนิดวิทย์; rtgs: Kamnoetvidya Science Academy), also known colloquially as KVIS, is a high school in Thailand. The school uses a customized curriculum mainly focused on Mathematics, Science, Engineering and Technology. Native English speakers are employed to teach English as well as other subjects. Apart from English, various other languages like Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and German are taught to students.


Kamnoetvidya Science Academy with the former name of Rayong Science Academy (RASA) was founded in 2013. The name Kamnoetvidya which literally means “The Genesis of Knowledge” was given by Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn who on 6 August 2015 presided over the grand opening ceremony of the school. Kamnoetvidya Science Academy is supported by the RASA foundation with an endowment fund provided by the PTT Public Company Limited Group of Companies to ensure sustainability, prosperity, and longevity of the academy. The conception of Kamnoetvidya Science Academy was the result of a farsighted vision and a cumulated passion of Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn, then the chief executive officer (CEO) and president of PTT Public Company Limited, who wishes to see Thailand emerge as a strong power in Science and Technology. [1] Dr. Thongchai Chewprecha, the founding Principal retired from his position in 2018 and currently he is succeeded by Dr. Rachain Kosenlavit. Meanwhile, Dr. Thongchai continues to contribute as Principal Emeritus.


Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) is available in the campus for research and experimental purpose. KVIS is one of the few educational institutions to own an electron microscope. The engineering workshop laboratory is equipped with 3D Printers, Lathe machines and 3D modelling software. Microcontroller Laboratory is equipped with various microcontroller kits, electronic oscilloscope, robotic kits, solar panel kits etc. The Computer Science Lab is equipped with Dell AIO with Intel core i7 processors, NVIDIA GPU and digital white board. The academic resource centre is equipped with most of the scientific journals from Springer and Science Direct. The entire campus is equipped with wired and wireless high speed internet connectivity.

Admission process[edit]

An entrance exam with two tier process is open to all Thai nationals pursuing secondary 2 every year. This exam is conducted in various centers all over the country.[2]


Students at Kamnoetvidya Science Academy receive a full scholarship.[3] Kamnoetvidya Science Academy received some 6 billion baht ($185.3 million) for academic park construction. [4]


Kamnoetvidya Science Academy has a vision of being a world leading science high school. Nurture future researchers, inventors, and innovators to strengthen sustainable national development. [5] Educating gifted and talented students in mathematics and science. Nurturing future researchers, inventors and innovators with passion and positive thinking toward nature and mankind. [6]


  • Cultivate creative thinking to drive future innovation.
  • Create knowledge for sustainable national development.
  • Provide world-class education.
  • Lay the foundations of a strong scientific and technological education to spur the country’s development in the coming decades.
  • Build a knowledge-based society through the combination of natural and scientific methodologies. [7]

Olympiads performance[edit]

KVIS students are encouraged and trained to participate in various Olympiads conducted at national and international levels.

2016 National Olympiads[edit]

Totals (5 disciplines)411823

International Academic Exchange Programs[edit]

Academic exchanges with overseas prestigious universities, research centers and other related institutions for the gifted.

Partnership Schools[edit]

Country Gifted institutes
United States of America (1)

- North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

Republic of Korea (2)

- Korea Science Academy [9]

- Gyeonggi Science High School [10]

Russia (2)

- Kolmogorov Math and Science High School

- Lyceum Physical Technical High School [11]

Press releases[edit]

On 3 April 2015, Dr. Pailin Chuchottaworn said that KVIS, as a part of PTT Group, will strive hard to operate alongside the local community in Rayong Province, the second home of PTT, with regards to social care and environmental sustainability. It was developed to have lifestyle comparable to other leading cities.[12]

Club activities[edit]

Club activities are included in the KVIS curriculum. Various clubs, like Judo club, Muay Thai club, Music Club, Gardening Club, American Football club etc. are currently functioning in the school campus. All clubs function every Monday and Thursday.


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