Kamov V-100

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Role twin-rotor combat helicopter
National origin Russia
Manufacturer Kamov
Status Cancelled design study

The V-100 was a projected side-by-side twin-rotor combat aircraft from Kamov. It had a pusher propeller located behind the rear tailplane, to have the aircraft exceed a projected speed of 400 km/h. Integral gun armament was planned to consist of two mobile AO-9 single barrel derivatives of the GSh-23 (one on each side) or a single fixed AO-10 (early version of the GSh-30-1). Other weapons would have included the Kh-25 missile and other stores on two high capacity fuselages and a total of six underwing hardpoints with a combined warload of up to 3000 kg. This project was abandoned and only one model of the aircraft exists.

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