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This article is about the river in Austria. For the park in Bad Doberan, see Kamp (Bad Doberan). For other uses, see KAMP.
The Kamp near Rosenburg castle.

The Kamp is a 153 km long river in northern Austria, left tributary of the Danube. The source of the Kamp is on the border of Lower Austria and Upper Austria, near the town Liebenau, in the Mühlviertel. It flows generally east through Rapottenstein (where it receives its tributary Kleine Kamp), Zwettl, Krumau am Kamp and Gars am Kamp. The Kamp flows into the Danube near Grafenwörth, east of Krems.

Coordinates: 48°23′N 15°48′E / 48.383°N 15.800°E / 48.383; 15.800