Kampala–Jinja Highway

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Kampala–Jinja Highway
Route information
Length: 53 mi (85 km)
Major junctions
West end: Kampala
East end: Jinja
Highway system
Roads in Uganda

Kampala–Jinja Highway is a road in Uganda, connecting the cities of Kampala and Jinja. Sometimes referred to as Kampala–Jinja Road, it is a busy road, with several towns, trading centers and other points of interest along the way. As of July 2014, a new, wider, four-lane dual carriageway expressway, the Kampala–Jinja Expressway, is proposed to be constructed south of the present highway to relieve traffic and complement existing transport infrastructure between Kampala and Jinja.[1]


The highway stretches from Kampala, Uganda's largest city and capital to Jinja, the country's second largest commercial center, a distance of approximately 86 kilometres (53 mi). [2]


The highway is an all-weather tarmac single carriageway road in good condition. The highway forms a section of the Northern Corridor, a road system that connects the East African cities of Bujumbura, in Burundi, Kigali, in Rwanda and Kampala, in Uganda to Nairobi, in Kenya and ultimately to the Kenyan port of Mombasa. The road is a vital commercial link to the outside world for the three land-locked countries. It is also a vital road link to the sea, for many parts of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo.[3]

Points of interest[edit]

The following points of interest lie along or near the Kampala-Jinja Highway:

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