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Kampala Capital City Authority
Agency overview
Formed 2011; 7 years ago (2011)
Jurisdiction Government of Uganda
Headquarters Kampala, Uganda
Employees 1,333 (2016)[1]
Agency executives
Parent agency Ministry of Kampala Capital City Authority Affairs
Website kcca.go.ug

Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) is the legal entity, established by the Ugandan Parliament, that is responsible for the operations of the capital city of Kampala in Uganda. It replaced the Kampala City Council (KCC).[2]


The headquarters of KCCA are located on Nakasero Hill in the central business district of Kampala. The headquarters are immediately south-west of the Uganda Parliament Building. The main entrance to the KCCA Complex is located on Kimathi Avenue, which comes off of Parliament Avenue. The coordinates of this building are 0° 18' 54.00"N, 32° 35' 9.00"E (Latitude:0.315000; Longitude:32.585832).[3]


The affairs of the capital city of Kampala have been brought under the direct supervision of the central Ugandan government. The city clerk, formerly the highest financial officer in the city, has been replaced by the executive director, Jennifer Musisi, who is answerable to the Minister of Kampala Capital City Authority, Beti Kamya-Turwomwe.[4] The elected mayor became the lord mayor, now a largely ceremonial position. In addition to the politically elected councilors, the expanded KCCA Council has members from the following professional bodies as full voting members:[5] Uganda Institute of Professional Engineers, Uganda Society of Architects, Uganda Medical and Dental Practitioners Council, and Uganda Law Society.

As of June 2016, the key officials responsible for KCCA affairs were: (1) Beti Kamya-Turwomwe, Cabinet Minister of Kampala Capital City Authority, since June 2016 (2) Benna Namugwanya, Minister of State for Kampala Capital City Authority, since 2016 (3) Erias Lukwago, the Lord Mayor of Kampala since 2011 (4) Sarah Kanyike, the Deputy Lord Mayor of Kampala, since 2016 (5) Jennifer Musisi, the Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority since 2011 (6) Andrew Kitaka, the Acting Deputy Executive Director of Kampala Capital City Authority, since November 2016.[6]

Administrative divisions[edit]

Kampala is divided into five divisions, each headed by a popularly elected mayor. Those divisions are preserved under the new KCCA Law. It is not yet clear what the roles of those five mayors will be in relation to the Lord Mayor and the KCCA Executive Director. The table below gives the names of the mayors:[4][7]

KCCA Management Structure
Office Name of Official Title of Officer
Mayor Kasirye Nganda Mayor of Makindye Division
Mayor Charles Musoke Sserunjogi Mayor of Kampala Central Division
Mayor Ronald Balimwezo Mayor of Nakawa Division
Mayor Emmanuel Sserunjogi Mayor of Kawempe Division
Mayor Joyce Ssebugwawo Mayor of Lubaga Division

Recent developments[edit]

In February 2015, Rift Valley Railways, in collaboration with KCCA, began testing commuter passenger railway service in Kampala and its suburbs, with a view to establish regular scheduled service beginning in March 2015.[8] Uganda and China have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish an elevated 35 kilometres (22 mi) light rail network.[9]

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Coordinates: 0°18′54″N 32°35′09″E / 0.315000°N 32.585832°E / 0.315000; 32.585832