Kampong Glam Group Representation Constituency

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Not to be confused with another defunct ward called Kampong Glam Single Member Constituency that existed from 1959 to 2001, with the exception of the period in 1991 to 1997.

Kampong Glam Group Representation Constituency (Traditional Chinese: 甘榜格南集選區;Simplified Chinese: 甘榜格南集选区) is a former four member Group Representation Constituency in the Central Business District of Singapore, only in 1991 election. Kampong Glam GRC was co-led by Loh Meng See and Yeo Ning Hong.

Members of Parliament[edit]

Election Kampong Glam Cairnhill Moulmein Kim Seng
1988 Kampong Glam SMC Cairnhill SMC Moulmein SMC Kim Seng SMC
1991 Loh Meng See Wong Kwei Cheung Sinnakruppan Ramasamy Yeo Ning Hong
1997 Kampong Glam SMC Kreta Ayer-Tanglin GRC
Merged into Kim Seng, Tanglin and Moulmein wards
Kreta Ayer-Tanglin GRC

Candidates and results[edit]

General Election 1991: Kampong Glam GRC
Party Candidate Votes % ±
PAP Loh Meng See
Yeo Ning Hong
Wong Kwei Cheong
Sinnakaruppan C. Ramasamy
Walkover N/A
Turnout 73,317 N/A
PAP win (new seat)

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