Serasa, Brunei-Muara

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Mukim Serasa

Serasa is a mukim in the Brunei-Muara district of Brunei. It is the easternmost and northernmost mukim in the Brunei-Muara district. It contains the largest port in the country - Muara Port. It is bounded by the South China Sea to the north, the Brunei Bay to the east and south and Mukim Mentiri to the west.

There are several islands and two sand spits which are contained within Mukim Serasa, they are; Pulau Pelong-Pelongan or Pelong Rocks (in English), Tanjong Pelumpong or Pelumpong Spit (also called the Muara Spit) which is a spit that has been cut and turned into a "man-made" island, the man-made Serasa Spit and the large Pulau Muara Besar.

Areas and divisions[edit]

Mukim Serasa contains these following areas:

  • Pekan Muara (Muara Town) centre is immediately adjacent to Serasa.
  • Kampong Pelumpong includes the area towards Tanjong Pelumpong.
  • Kampong Tanjong Batu
  • Kampong Serasa is adjacent to Pekan Muara to the south-west. This includes the industrial area, the ferry terminal and Kampong Perpindahan Serasa.
  • Kampong Masjid Lama located to the south of Muara Town centre.
  • Kampong Sabun is located on the west and north-west, including the military barracks.
  • Kampong Kapok is located along Jalan Muara, west of Kampong Serasa.
  • Kampong Salar is located along Jalan Muara, south-west of Kampong Pengalayan. (used to be included within Mukim Mentiri)
  • Kampong Meragang is located between the Muara-Tutong Highway and Jalan Muara.
  • Kampong Bukit Kabun
  • Kampong Pengalayan is located along Jalan Muara, south-west of Kampong Kapok.
  • Kampong Pulau Muara Besar
  • Tanjong Pelumpong, is located along Jalan Muara, south-west of Kampong Pengalayan

Together, the Muara-Serasa areas form the largest urban conurbation in the mukim.

Other locations[edit]

Other locations within the mukim include:


Coordinates: 5°00′29″N 115°03′09″E / 5.00806°N 115.05250°E / 5.00806; 115.05250