Kampong Siem District

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Kampong Siem
District (srok)
Kampong Siem is located in Cambodia
Kampong Siem
Kampong Siem
Location in Cambodia
Coordinates: 12°0′52″N 105°25′3″E / 12.01444°N 105.41750°E / 12.01444; 105.41750
Country  Cambodia
Province Kampong Cham
Communes 15
Villages 112
Population (1998)[1]
 • Total 99,056
Time zone +7
Geocode 0306

Kampong Siem District (Khmer: ស្រុកកំពង់សៀម "Port of Siam") is a district (srok) located in Kampong Cham Province, Cambodia. The district surrounds the provincial capital Kampong Cham City. The administrative center of the district locates not far from the Provincial capital of Kampong Cham in Ampil Leu Village, Ampil Commune about 3 km west from the center of Kampong Cham city on National Highway 7 and is 120 kilometres by road from Phnom Penh. The district borders on the western bank of the Mekong for most of its length.[2]

In February 2007 the United States Peace Corps sent 29 volunteers to live in Kampong Siem District.[3] This marked the beginning of the first ever Peace Corps mission in Cambodia.[4] During a nine-week stay in the district the group of volunteers from San Francisco studied the Khmer language, acclimatised themselves to the local way of life, tried eating deep fried tarantulas and began teaching English.[3]


Kampong Siem district is in central Kampong Cham Province and is surrounded by other Kampong Cham districts. Reading from the north clockwise, Kampong Cham shares a border with Stueng Trang District while Krouch Chhmar and Tbong Khmom districts form the eastern boundary. To the south of Kampong Siem is Koh Soutin District. The three districts of Kang Meas, Prey Chor and Chamkar Leu make up the western border of the district. Kampong Siem also surrounds the tiny Kampong Cham City which is the provincial capital.[5]


The Kampong Siem district governor reports to His Excellency Hun Neng, the Governor of Kampong Cham. The following table shows the villages of Kampong Siem district by commune.

Khum (Communes) Phum (Villages)
Ampil Andoung Chraoh, Ampil Leu, Ampil Kraom, Cheung Kouk, Roliek, Romeas, Banteay Thmei, Sralau, Krala, Chonghuk, Veal Sbov, Sya
Han Chey Hanchey, Krouch Saeuch, Lvea Ter, Moan Haeur
Kien Chrey Preaek Yuon, Enteak Nel, Spean Thmei, Boeng Babos, Kien Chrey Krau, Kien Chrey Knong
Kokor Kokor Muoy, Kokor Pir, Chamkar Samseb, Kampong Krabei
Kaoh Mitt Kaoh Paen Ka, Kaoh Paen Kha, Kaoh Paen Kho, Kaoh Kol, Kaoh Dach, Kaoh Prolung, Svay Chrum, Kaoh Chas, Kampong Trom Kraom, Kampong Trom Leu
Koh Roka Kaoh Roka Krau, Kaoh Roka Knong, Dambang Daek, Ou Chhleung, Ta Meang, Thmei
Koh Samraong Phum Muoy, Phum Pir, Phum Bei, Phum Buon, Phum Pram, Phum Prammuoy, Phum Prampir, Phum Prambei
Koh Tontuem Kaoh Kok Ka, Kaoh Kok Kha, Kaoh Prak Kraom, Kaoh Prak Knong, Kaoh Prak Leu
Krala Sdach Non, Tuol Beng, Andoung Pou, Tuol Popel, Trapeang Chrey, Trapeang Tras, Trapeang Ruessei, Angkuonh Dei, Ampil Chrum, Thmei, Trapeang Thma, Trapeang Char, Trakuon
Ou Svay Prey Chakkrei, Anlong Snouk, Ampil Kranhanh, Ou Svay, Trapeang Kak, Ou Thnong, Khael Chey
Ro'aing Thma Koul, Veal Khsach, Prasam, Pongro, Romul, Tuol Roka, Ro'ang Leu, Ro'ang Kraom
Rumchek Chheu Teal Srot Leu, Chheu Teal Srot Kraom, Rumlech, Thmei
Srak Lpeak, Prey Kuy, Srak, Tamouv
Trean Chrak Sdau, Veal Kriel, Trean, Trapeang Ta Sokh, Prathang, Paen, Tuol Chambak, Chranieng, Trapeang Ampil, Ta Khong, Tuol Trach, Poun
Vihear Thom Prey Phdau, Andoung Svay, Kouk Kream, Kdei Boeng, Pongro, Prasat, Kouk Totea, Vihear, Kong Moha


The district is subdivided into 15 communes (khum) and 112 villages (phum).[6] According to the 1998 Census, the population of the district was 99,056 persons in 18,884 households in 1998. With a population of over 99,000 people, Kampong Siem is one of the more populated districts in Kampong Cham province. The average household size in Kampong Siem is 5.2 persons per household, slightly higher than the rural average for Cambodia (5.1). The sex ratio in the district is 92.0%, with more females than males.[7]


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Coordinates: 12°0′52″N 105°25′3″E / 12.01444°N 105.41750°E / 12.01444; 105.41750