Kampung Tok'kong

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The village of Kampung Tok'kong 赤脚村 in the Kelantan state of Malaysia is known for a historically significant Chinese Temple known as Seng Choon Keong 圣春公. The temple is dedicated to the worship of the Goddess Mazu. The temple is approximately 300 years old. Every year on the equivalent date to the 23rd of March on the Chinese Calendar, the birthday of Mazu is commemorated. Chinese, especially Mazu followers go there to pay homage to Mazu, and to offer prayers for health and wealth, as well as for personal safety and security. Annually, the Seng Choon Keong lion dance association will tour the state during the Chinese New Year to conduct traditional cultural rituals aimed at driving away evil spirits and bad luck.

According to a story from the past, Kampung Tok'kong is also known as 'Chiakka'. 'Chiak' means bare while 'ka' means foot. This likely originated a long time ago before the state government of Kelantan made tarmac roads in small villages like Kg Tok'kong where people had to walk barefooted to the temple in Kg Tok'kong. The road will be full of sludge during and after a rainfall.