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Kamra is located in Pakistan
Location in Pakistan
Coordinates: 33°45′N 72°24′E / 33.750°N 72.400°E / 33.750; 72.400
Country  Pakistan
Province Punjab
District Attock District
Time zone PST (UTC+5)
 • Summer (DST) +6 (UTC)
Area code(s) 43600

Kamra (Urdu: کامرہ) town is located in Attock District in the mountainous north of the Punjab, Pakistan.

Industry and airbase[edit]

The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, comprising PAF's Minhas Airbase, Avionics Production Factory, Aircraft Rebuild Factory, Aircraft Manufacturing Factory and Mirage Rebuild Factory, is located in Kamra and is the centre of Aircraft Manufacturing and overhauling in Pakistan. PAC Kamra is now commonly known as The Aviation City.

The village area of Kamra is known as Kamra Kalan. It is a big village having many mosques, schools and farms of the villagers. The village is highly populated.

Location and Importance[edit]

Kamra is located in the triangular area constituted by the GT road, from Rawalpindi to Peshawar, and Peshawar. The site is of much concern for the local transporters as it provides a shortcut for Shaheen Chowk to Attock City reducing about 7 kilometres when compared to the alternative route. The complex is usually considered sensitive to terrorism in Pakistan and has been attacked several times.

Kamra has one of the most popular parks known as "Ratti Jinnah Park" located inside one of the residential colonies of PAC Kamra.

Mirage Rebuild Factory (MRF)[edit]

Mirage Rebuild Factory was established in 1974 for in-country overhauling of Mirage aircraft and has ever since evolved into a centre of excellence for maintenance, repair and overhaul of military aircraft and jet engines. With a number of quality accreditations and certifications to its acclaim, MRF is trusted by leading aviation industries and air forces of the world. The dream of establishing the Mirage rebuild factory came true, when the first Mirage aircraft rolled out after successful overhaul in 1980. A comprehensive setup for overhauling the Mirage aircraft, is certified by Dassault Aviation of France. Mirage aircraft overhaul is a sequential process in which the aircraft undergoes a series of specialized processes to reclaim a life of 1800 flying hours.

Avionics Production Factory (APF)[edit]

Avionics setup of PAC known as Avionics Production Factory (APF) was initially established as the Radar Maintenance Centre (RMC) in 1983 for overhaul / rebuild of ground based radar systems. In 1989, its capability was enhanced to handle avionics along with ground based radars.

Today APF, with its state of the art facilities, can undertake production of different types of avionics as well as commercial electronics equipment while ensuring high quality standards as per requirements of Aerospace Standard AS9100 Rev C.

The factory has produced number avionics systems like Grifo-7 and KLJ-7 airborne radars, radar warning receivers, Identification of Friend or Foe (IFF), Digital Audio Video and Crash Recorders, various mission computers and navigation systems. Most of these systems have been co-produced in collaboration with Chinese and Western manufacturers.

The factory has also produced various commercial products such as PAC PAD called Takhti-7, PAC notebook and e-book reader.

Aircraft Manufacturing Factory (AMF)[edit]

AMF was established in 1975 to undertake manufacturing of a primary flying trainer aircraft under license from SAAB SCANIA of Sweden. The aircraft was named Mushshak, (meaning proficient) and was produced from the kits provided by SAAB. After successfully producing 92 Mushshak aircraft, AMF acquired the status of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in 1981.

Aircraft Rebuild Factory (ARF)[edit]

ARF was established in the early 70s in collaboration with The Peoples Republic of China. Initially, the factory started overhauling of F-6 aircraft and with an ever growing sphere of responsibility, the factory undertook the task of overhauling of A - 5III, FT - 5, Y - 12, K - 8 and F - 7 aircraft variants. Since its inception, ARF has evolved into a Centre of Excellence for maintenance, repair and overhauling Chinese aircraft, standing tall amongst MRO organizations in the world. The MRO setup has a number of accreditations to its acclaim, which guarantees quality production. The MRO setup is not only fulfilling the needs of Pakistan Air Force but also undertakes overhauling and repair tasks of friendly countries namely Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Nigeria etc.


Coordinates: 33°51′N 72°24′E / 33.850°N 72.400°E / 33.850; 72.400