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Kamranieh (also spelled Kamraniyeh) is a neighbourhood located in the north of the city of Tehran in Iran in the area called Shemiranat. Its name is based on the son of Naser-al-din Shah and one time heir to the throne, Kamran Mirza, who used to own much of the land in the area. Along with Farmanieh, Niavaran, Zafferanieyh and Elahieh, it is now home to the most expensive real estate in Tehran. It is also the home to many Iranian nobles and notables as well as embassies and foreign officials.

Kamranieh was one of the first neighbourhoods in Tehran that was equipped with a telephone system. The pet hospital of Iran, Tehran Pet hospital, was established in this neighbourhood in 2004.

Kamranieh and the surroundings used to be farmlands - specially to grow wheat and barley. Here is where the name of bus stop called "jo-estoon/jo-estan" comes from. Once, an old-time resident of Kamranieh said as a kid he used to stand on the roof of their shack and wait to watch his mom walking down the Dezasheeb slope on her way home.

The private residence of Kamran Diba, designer of Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art (TMOCA), is also in Kamranieh. Same as TMOCA, its architecture is similar to Yazd windcatchers (badgir).

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