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K.Abdi-Iranian archaeologist

Kamyar Abdi is an Iranian archaeologist, receiving his M.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, at University of Chicago (1997) and his Ph.D. from University of Michigan in Anthropology (2002).

Abdi was previously an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology, Dartmouth College. His research interests include sedentism, food production (agriculture and pastoralism), and political developments in the ancient Near East, especially Iran. He has directed a number of archaeological projects such as surveys and excavations, at Malyan (ancient Anshan), Arjan, Sorkh Dom Lori, and Ziviyeh.

Abdi is currently the editor of the Iranian journal of Archaeology and History. He is currently a Research Associate at the Iranian Center for Research on Humanities and Cultural Studies and a visiting professor at Department of Archaeology at Tarbiyat Modaress University, Tehran.

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