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The Kamzík TV Tower, overlooking Bratislava

The Kamzík TV Tower is a 196-metre (643 ft) tall television transmission tower in the Koliba area of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The tower sits 437 m (1,434 ft) above sea level on the Kamzík hill, part of the Little Carpathians, overlooking much of the city. The tower lies within the territory of the Bratislava Forest Park. It was constructed in 1975, replacing a previous transmission tower.[1] The tower was designed by architects Stanislav Májek, Jakub Tomašák, Juraj Kozák, Milan Jurica and Ján Privitzer.[2]

The tower has a public observation deck. In conditions of good visibility, Austria, Hungary and the Czech Republic are visible from the tower.[citation needed]


The VEŽA restaurant closed in May 2010 due to a lack of customers. The restaurant's chefs and staff moved to the West Restaurant at the Best Western West Hotel about 100 m (330 ft) down the tower approach road.

In 2011, a new restaurant named Altitude opened with an updated interior, serving Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is divided into an observation cafe bar, another restaurant, Brasseria, on one floor and the main restaurant on the floor below with rotating tables which provide a 360-degree panoramic view.

FM radio[edit]

Station ERP
89.3 Rádio FM 10.00 kW
93.8 Rádio Lumen 5.60 kW
94.3 Fun Radio 90.00 kW
96.6 Rádio Slovensko 100.00 kW
99.3 Rádio Regina 10.00 kW
101.8 Rádio Viva 89.00 kW
104.4 Rádio Devín 5.00 kW
104.8 Europa 2 50.00 kW
106.6 Jemné Melódie 10.00 kW
107.6 Rádio Expres 10.00 kW


  • DVB-T

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Coordinates: 48°10′57″N 17°05′41″E / 48.18250°N 17.09472°E / 48.18250; 17.09472