Kana (Finnish musician)

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Kana (Finnish musician)

Kana (Marianna Elisabeth Alanen, born 8 December 1977) is a Finnish female rap musician. She began her music career on the Finnish TV show Popstars, a contest for new pop musicians. After the show ended, Kana embarked upon a solo career.

She had her own radio show Kanalasta kajahtaa on YLE YleX channel in 2003. The show featured mainly rap and R&B Music. In the same year, she started hosting children's singing and talent game shows Skabadabaduu and Staraoke on MTV3. Staraoke won the first Interactive Emmy Award for a Finnish show in Cannes in 2008.[1]

In 2005, she released singles from her second album.

The name "Kana" means "chicken" in Finnish but is also a nickname for a slightly ditzy woman, as is intended in this case.[citation needed] At the start of her career she took the name "Phat Zik", which was fennicized as "Kana" when she started rapping in Finnish. Her real name comes from ballerina Marianna Rumjantseva.



  • wRAP (2003)
  • Tulen aina takaisin (2007)


  • Kontti Norjaan (Container to Norway) (2003)
  • Sanamainari/Sydän ja pää (Wordminer/Heart and Head) feat. Afrodite (2003)
  • Sähkövirtaa (2005 - gold)
  • Tulen aina takaisin (promo - 2005)
  • Saan kaiken muuttumaan (promo - 2006)


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