Kana Muramoto

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Kana Muramoto
Personal information
Country represented Japan
Born (1993-03-03) March 3, 1993 (age 24)
Akashi, Hyōgo
Home town Kobe
Height 1.62 m (5 ft 4 in)
Partner Chris Reed
Former partner Hiroichi Noguchi
Coach Marina Zueva, Oleg Eipstein, Massimo Scali, Johnny Johns
Former coach Mie Hamada, Yamato Tamura
Choreographer Marina Zueva, Massimo Scali
Former choreographer Jamie Isley, Kenji Miyamoto
Skating club Arctic Edge FSC
Kinoshita Club Tokyo
Former skating club Kobe
Training locations Canton, Michigan
Former training locations Osaka
Began skating 1998
ISU personal best scores
Combined total 156.45
2017 World Team Trophy
Short dance 63.77
2017 World Team Trophy
Free dance 92.68
2017 World Team Trophy

Kana Muramoto (村元 哉中 Muramoto Kana?, born March 3, 1993) is a Japanese ice dancer. With Chris Reed, she is the 2017 Asian Winter Games silver medalist and a two-time Japanese national champion (2016–2017). They have competed in the final segment at three ISU Championships.

Personal life[edit]

Kana Muramoto was born on March 3, 1993 in Akashi, Hyōgo, Japan.[1] She is the younger sister of former figure skater Satsuki Muramoto.[2]

Early career[edit]

Muramoto began skating in 1998. She appeared in ladies' singles through the 2013–14 season, coached by Mie Hamada and Yamato Tamura.[3] She won the silver medal at the 2011 Triglav Trophy and bronze at the 2011 Crystal Skate of Romania.

In the 2014–15 season, Muramoto began competing in ice dancing with Hiroichi Noguchi.[4] The two placed fourth at the 2014 Tallinn Trophy and took the bronze medal at the 2014–15 Japan Championships.

Partnership with Reed[edit]

On June 17, 2015, it was announced that Muramoto had teamed up with Chris Reed to continue in ice dance and both would train under Marina Zueva, Oleg Epstein, and Massimo Scali in Canton, Michigan.[5][6] Together, the duo are the 2015–16 Japanese national champions.


With Reed[edit]

Season Short dance Free dance Exhibition
2016-2017 [7]
  • Poeta en el Puerto
    by Vincente Amigo
  • Amor Dulce Muerte
    by Vincente Amigo
  • Nada Puede Dormir
    by Vincente Amigo
  • Walltz: Wiener Café
    by Robert Stolz
  • March: Olympiamarsch
    by Robert Stolz
  • March: UNO March
    by Robert Stolz

With Noguchi[edit]

Season Short dance Free dance

Ladies' singles[edit]

Season Short program Free skating

Competitive highlights[edit]

GP: Grand Prix; CS: Challenger Series; JGP: Junior Grand Prix

Ice dance with Reed[edit]

Event 2015–16 2016–17
Worlds 15th 23rd
Four Continents 7th 9th
GP NHK Trophy 7th WD
GP Skate America 8th
CS U.S. Classic 2nd
Asian Games 2nd
MNNT Cup 2nd 3rd
Japan Champ. 1st 1st

Ice dance with Noguchi[edit]

Event 2014–15
Tallinn Trophy 4th
Japan Championships 3rd

Ladies' singles[edit]

Event 02–03 03–04 04–05 05–06 06–07 07–08 08–09 09–10 10–11 11–12 12–13 13–14
Challenge Cup 7th
Crystal Skate 3rd
Cup of Nice 4th
Merano Cup 7th
Triglav Trophy 2nd
International: Junior[11]
JGP Belarus 3rd
JGP France 17th
Japan 17th 10th 10th 17th
Japan Junior 8th 12th
Japan Novice 4th 2nd 4th
East Japan 4th J 5th J 4th J 8th 4th
Kinki 2nd B 1st B 2nd A 2nd A 1st J 1st J 2nd 2nd 2nd
Levels – A: Novice-A; B: Novice-B; N: Novice; J: Junior


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