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The Kanagawa at-large district is a constituency of the House of Councillors in the Diet of Japan (national legislature) represented by six Councillors. It comprises the entire prefecture of Kanagawa and elects three Councillors every three years by single non-transferable vote.

Between 1947 and 1995 Kanagawa was represented by four Councillors. The 1994 electoral reform reapportioned the number of seats, increasing the number of Councillors in Miyagi, Saitama, Kanagawa and Gifu by two each (one per election) and reducing the number in Hokkaido, Hyogo and Fukuoka. Kanagawa, like most two-member districts, had often split seats between the two major parties, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and the Japan Socialist Party (JSP). Following another reapportionment in the 2007 election when Tokyo gained an additional Councillor Kanagawa has the lowest electoral weight for the House of Concillors countrywide. As of September 2009, 7,301,452 voters were registered in Kanagawa.[1]

Councillors from Kanagawa[edit]

class of 1947 Election
class of 1950
1947 Jiro Miki (JSP) Seiichi Ogushi (JLP) 1947 Kenichi Suzuki (UPP) Kenji Osumi (JLP)
1950 Eki Sone (JSP) Kosaku Ishimura (LP)
1953 Jiro Miki (JSP, left) Kenzo Kono (Indep.)
1956 Shigeaki Aizawa (JSP)
1959 Matsue Tagami (JSP) Kenzo Kono (LDP)
1962 Eki Sone (DSP)
1965 Saburo Oka (JSP)
1967 by-el. Ichiro Sato (LDP)
1968 Shiro Takeda (JSP)
1971 Katsuji Kataoka (JSP)
1974 Akira Hatano (LDP)
1977 Kenzo Kono (Indep.)
1983 Shingo Hattori (Komeito) Tsuneo Sugimoto (LDP)
1986 Fumio Saito (LDP) Keiko Chiba (JSP)
1987 by-el. Kenichiro Sato (LDP)
1989 Tadashi Kobayashi (JSP) Kiyoharu Ishiwata (LDP)
1995 Tsuyoshi Saito (JSP) Akira Matsu (NFP)
1998 Kimie Hatano (JCP) Keiichiro Asao (DPJ) Keiko Chiba (DPJ)
2001 Tsuyoshi Saito (DPJ) Yutaka Kobayashi (LDP) Akira Matsu (New Komeito)
2004 Akio Koizumi (LDP)
2005 by-el. Yoriko Kawaguchi (LDP)
2007 Hiroe Makiyama (DPJ) Yutaka Kobayashi (LDP)[note 1] Masashi Mito (DPJ)
2007 Akira Matsu (New Komeito)[note 1]
2009 by-el. Yoichi Kaneko (DPJ)
2010 Kenji Nakanishi (YP)
2013[2] Dai Shimamura (LDP) Shigefumi Matsuzawa (YP/independent) Sayaka Sasaki (Komeito)
2019 TBD 2016 Junko Mihara (LDP) Yuichi Mayama (DP) Shinsuke Miura (Komeito)
  1. ^ a b Yutaka Kobayashi was elected in July 2007 but resigned in September after it was found he had violated the electoral law. Fourth-placed Akira Matsu was awarded the seat as it had fallen vacant within three months of the election.