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Freight train headed by a DD55 series diesel locomotive on the Ukishima Line

The Kanagawa Rinkai Railway (神奈川臨海鉄道, Kanagawa Rinkai Tetsudō, "Kanagawa Seaside Railway") is a freight-only railway company in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, abbreviated as Kanarin (かなりん). The third-sector company (in the Japanese sense) was founded in 1963. The company also operates real-estate businesses such as warehouses. The Honmoku Line in Yokohama mainly transports containers for the Port of Yokohama, while the other three lines in Kawasaki mainly transport chemical products and petroleum for the Keihin Industrial Area.


The first three lines listed below are situated in Kawasaki and opened in 1964. The Honmoku line is situated at Yokohama and opened in 1969.

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