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Written inC++
Operating systemBSDs, Linux, macOS, Windows
LicenseGNU GPL

Kanagram is an educational game that creates anagrams, re-assortment of letters in a word, and the user needs to guess what the original word is. It is licensed under the GNU Public License v2, and it is part of the kdeedu package, and the user interface is designed to be approachable even by very young children. There is no time limit or limitations at attempts, and a hint system is built in.

The world list for Kanagram is user editable, with several default word lists included. A vocabulary editor is included, and the user can download other word lists or distribute their created word lists via the KNewStuff service.

Kanagram first appeared in the release of KDE 3.5, and replaced the previous program, KMessedWords. The user interface has been reworked to be more user friendly, and uses skeuomorphism appearing as a chalkboard.


  • Joshua Keel (Coding)
  • Danny Allen (Design, Graphics and many Vocabularies)
  • Jeremy Whiting (Maintainer)

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