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A kanal (ڪنال) is a unit of area used in parts of Pakistan and in India. In Pakistan different conversions exist in various areas: a kanal is generally considered equal to 5400 square feet, but it is equal to 4500 square feet in Lahore. In India it is generally considered equivalent to 4500 square feet or one-eighth of an acre.


A kanal is a traditional unit of land area. In India it is used in the northern states of Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir and North Eastern parts of Pakistan. Its use in India is in decline with urban land measurements standardizing on use of square feet, square meters and square yards.

Under British rule the marla and kanal were standardized so that the kanal equals exactly 605 square yards or ​18 acre; this is equivalent to about 505.857 square meters. A kanal is equal to 20 marlas.[1]


A kanal is equal to:

  • 18 acre (510 m2)
  • 20 marlas
  • 605 square yards
  • 5440 Square feet