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Kanal A
Launched 1991
Owned by CME
Slogan Trenutki,ob katerih ti zastane dih.
Country Slovenia
Sister channel(s) POP TV, KINO, BRIO, OTO
Website Official web page

Kanal A is the first Slovenian commercial television station. The channel, which operates within PRO PLUS d.o.o., has national coverage. In its primary target group of viewers (18–49 years), Kanal A is the second most watched TV channel in Slovenia.[1]

Viewers are offered the news program The World (SVET), which is broadcast on working days. In the fall of 2011 SVET launched a new Saturday edition: World:Zoom (Svet:Povečava).Kanal A also screens Moto GP races, TopGear, a program for car enthusiasts called The steering wheel (Volan). From autumn 2013 a new reality show TOP 4 with Tjaša Kokalj is screened. Kanal A also screens several popular international formats, top feature films and hit series.


Viewers have been able to watch Kanal A since 16 May 1991. It was a completely new element on the Slovenian television market and at the time, the first independent television station on the territory of former Yugoslavia. Development accelerated with the entrance of SBS (1997), which enabled development of fast television technologies and internet.

On 23 October 2000 Kanal A merged with PRO PLUS d.o.o. The programming schema was changed and Kanal A now offers even wider and complementary selection of contents to POP TV. On 1 October 2001, the first news magazine program called Extra was launched (forerunner of Extra Magazine) and also a modern and urban weather forecast Meteor with foreign Slovenian speaking hosts. Kanal A sets the glamour trends with Oscars (March 2001) and from May 2001, six years in a row, also with the beauty contests; Slovenia Miss Universe and Miss Universe World. In May 2002, Kanal A offered exclusive coverage for Slovenian territory of the World Football Championship in Tokio and in June 2006 one half (32) of the matches of the World Football Championship in Germany.

On 27 March 2002 Kanal A launched the first reality show in Slovenia – Popstars, and one year later the second version of that music Odyssey. The music groups Bepop and Unique were born on Kanal A. Younger audiences were also able to enjoy the music show Non Stop Music from March 2004 to the end of August 2004 the show E+, which presents »All you Need for Life«. Kanal A also offered the shows Katarina (2007), TV Tuba (2008), Svingerji (2008), Zvezda pokra (2010), etc. In February 2007, The World was launched as the first news show on Kanal A.


  • Viktors 2002 (2003) – Viktor for special achievements for Popstars project (first reality show in Slovenia)
  • Viktors 2005 (2006) – Viktor for best television show E+
  • Viktors 2006 (2007) – Viktor for special achievements for coverage of the World Football Championship in Germany
  • Viktors 2007 (2008) – Viktor for promising media personality for Lili Žagar, anchor of the program The World, Viktor for television personality was awarded to Marko Potrč, anchor of the program SVET
  • Viktors 2008 (2009) – Bojan Traven (Viktor for special achievements)


In its domestic production Kanal A offers its viewers news and entertaining contents. The program is rich with numerous foreign hits – films, series. The news program The World on Kanal A (SVET na Kanalu A) is broadcast on working days at 18.00 and at 19.45 it's followed by short summery including the latest news. The creators of the program form their stories on the basis of life television. The editorial policy is on the side of an ordinary man with a focus on the so-called citizen journalism – the viewers can participate in the show and send their MMSs or videos. Kanal A offers exclusive sport broadcasts motorcycling championship MotoGP, automobile show Volan.On program scheme is coming (autumn 2013) a new reality show TOP 4 with Tjaša Kokalj. There are also numerous world popular series, documentaries and world blockbusters.

Current Programming[edit]

National Created Shows[edit]

Original name Format Day
Svet Daily news weekdays
Pazi, kamera! 14th season, hidden camera show Weekends
Pazi, kamera! reruns of 11th season, hidden camera show Monday
ŠKL - šport mladih School basketball league show Sunday
Pozor, priden pes! reruns of 1st season, show about how to discipline your pet dog Weekends

National Created Series[edit]

Original name Format Day
Lepo je biti sosed reruns of 6th season, sitcom weekdays

Internationally Created Series[edit]

Original name Slovenian name Days
Arrested Development Odbita rodbina weekdays
2 Broke Girls Mrhi za šankom weekdays
Suburgatory Vice v predmestju weekdays
Inspector Rex Komisar Rex weekdays
Nikita Nikita weekdays
Kud puklo da puklo Kar bo, pa bo weekdays
New Girl Novo dekle Weekends
How I Met Your Mother Kako sem spoznal vajino mamo Weekends
Community Šola za prvake Weekends
The Finder Nezmotljivi čut Weekends
The Following Lov na morilca Weekends
Der Lehrer Učitelj Sunday

Internationally Created Shows[edit]

Original name Slovenian name Day
Top Gear USA Top Gear ZDA weekdays
Top Gear Top Gear weekends
Richard Hammond's Crash Course Hitri tečaj Richarda Hammonda weekends

Internationally Created Animated Series[edit]

Original name Slovenian name Day
Ask Lara Vprašaj Laro Weekdays
Bratz Bratz Weekdays
B-Daman Crossfire B-Daman anime: Navzkrižni ogenj Weekends
Transformers: Prime Transformerji: Prime Weekends

Coming Soon to KANAL A[edit]

National Created Shows[edit]

Original name Format Launch
Big Brother 5th season, Slovenina version of Big Brother spring 2016

Past Programming[edit]

National Created Shows[edit]

Reality Shows[edit]

  • Big Brother (Slovenian version of Big Brother)
    • 1st season: spring 2007
    • 2nd season: spring 2008
    • 3rd season: spring 2015
  • Dirka! - The Race (Car racing reality show )
    • 1st season: autumn 2006
  • Popstars! (Slovenian version of talent show Popstars)
    • 1st season: spring 2002
    • 2nd season: spring 2003

Game Shows[edit]

  • Mladoporočenca (quiz show with newlyweds)
    • in the 90`s and early 00`s
  • Življenska priložnost (quiz show)
    • in the 90`s

Other Shows[edit]

  • TV Tuba (comedy show)
    • 2008-?
  • Euromanija (call TV)
    • 2011
  • Zvezda pokra (poker show)
    • 2010-2011
  • Avto.info (car magazine)
    • 2010-2011
  • Astro TV (astro show)
    • 2010
  • Ljubo doma! (show similar to Extreme Makeover: Home Edition)
    • 2009
  • Gremo na smuči (sports show)
    • 2009
  • Avtostereon (car magazin)
    • 2009
  • Srečna linija (call TV)
    • 2007-2009
  • Srečni klic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrLTtaZNgto&list=UUC0YT4oXd8XVezmQjBV5hDQ&channel=abovo6541} (call TV show produced by Telemedia InteracTV)
    • 2014
  • Katarina (talk show similar to The Oprah Winfrey Show)
    • 2007
  • Navigator (nautics magazine)
    • 2005-2007
  • E+ (tabloid and gossip news talkshow)
    • 2004-2007
  • Problem (comedy show)
    • 2003
  • Non Stop Music (music show)
    • 2003-2006
  • Nogometna arena (sport magazine)
    • 2002
  • Ekstra later known as Ekstra magazin (magazine about tabloid news and extreme things)
    • 2001–2006
  • Meteor (weather broadcast)
    • 2001
  • Mozaik Slovenije (documentary show)
    • 2001
  • Zmenkarije (dating show)
    • in the 90`s and early 00`s
  • Komedija zmešnjav (comedy show)
    • in the 90`s and early 00`s
  • Pop'n'Roll (comedy music show)
    • in the 90`s and early 00`s
  • Atlantis (music show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Žemetne vrtnice (music show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Helena (music show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Magnetoskop (music show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Odklop (comedy stunts show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Adrenalin (comedy stunts show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Aktivno! (talk show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Klub avenija (sport show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Lepota telesa (show about fashion)
    • in the 90`s
  • Stilski izziv (show similar to Extreme Makeover)
    • in the 90`s
  • Modna dežela (show about fashion)
    • in the 90`s
  • Ob 20:00 si na Kanalu A priglejte (talk show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Klik (talk show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Imamo jih radi (talk show about pets)
    • in the 90`s
  • Dance Session (dance show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Moj film (talk show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Dobro jutro (morning talk show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Zajček dolgoušček (morning kids cartoon and talk show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Kaličopko (morning kids cartoon and talk show)
    • in the 90`s
  • Na piki imamo (news magazine)
    • in the 90`s
  • Danijeve Zvezde (Astro show)
    • 1992–2008


  • Svingerji (sitcom)
    • 2008

Internationally Created Shows[edit]


Animated Series[edit]

General Director[edit]

Pavel Vrabec can be placed among the pioneers of the Slovenian media area and is a leading expert on the industry. Before he started his career in the company PRO PLUS d.o.o., he was a successful manager on popular Slovenian radio stations. He joined PRO PLUS in 1996 as Director of Sales. In April 2005, he was appointed Deputy General Director and until December 2009 he performed his function with a professional approach and thorough, long-standing expertise on the domestic market and abroad.[2]


Since 1 December 2010 Kanal A programming is available in the digital (DVB-T) technique. Transmission is since 14 October 2013 a part of the national digital multiplex called multiplex C.

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