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Kanaleneiland within Utrecht
Kanaleneiland within Utrecht
 • Total1.27 km2 (0.49 sq mi)
 • Total15,614
WebsiteSouthwest district (in Dutch)

Kanaleneiland is a district within the Southwest section of the Dutch city of Utrecht. It was created in the massive expansion of the city in the 1960s. It was listed (in 2005) as one of 40 "problem neighborhoods" that required extra attention by the Dutch Ministry of Housing.[1]

Kanaleneiland's residents have low levels of employment, health, and education.[2] Approximately 76% of the population are not ethnically Dutch, most of them being of Turkish and Moroccan origin.[citation needed] This unique political climate is one that shaped the views of one of its ex-residents, national politician Geert Wilders.[3]


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Coordinates: 52°04′19″N 5°05′36″E / 52.0719359°N 5.0933647°E / 52.0719359; 5.0933647