Kananaskis Range

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Kananaskis Range
Fortress Gusty aerial1.jpg
The Fortress (upper centre), Mount Chester (right) and Gusty Peak (left and ridge foreground)
Highest point
PeakMount Galatea
Elevation3,185 m (10,449 ft) [1]
Coordinates50°50′23″N 115°16′26″W / 50.83972°N 115.27389°W / 50.83972; -115.27389[2]
Length44 km (27 mi) [3]
Width25 km (16 mi) [3]
Kananaskis Range is located in Alberta
Kananaskis Range
Range coordinates50°51′14″N 115°15′53″W / 50.85389°N 115.26472°W / 50.85389; -115.26472Coordinates: 50°51′14″N 115°15′53″W / 50.85389°N 115.26472°W / 50.85389; -115.26472[4]
Parent rangeCanadian Rockies

The Kananaskis Range is a mountain range west of the Kananaskis River in the Canadian Rockies. Many of the peaks are named after ships and people involved in the Battle of Jutland.

Mount Bogart is named after D.B. Dowling. Bogart was his mother's maiden name and his middle name. D.B. Dowling surveyed the area in the early 1900s for the Geographical Society of Canada. Tower was named after Francis George Towers an early homesteader of the region. Mt McDougal another early homesteader Archie McDougal of Carstairs. Mts. Evans Thomas named after Thomas Oldham Evans an early homesteader.

Peaks of this range include:

Mountain/Peak Elevation
Mount Galatea 3,185 m (10,449 ft)
Wind Mountain 3,153 m (10,344 ft)
Mount Bogart 3,144 m (10,315 ft)
The Tower 3,124 m (10,249 ft)
Mount Sparrowhawk 3,121 m (10,240 ft)
Mount Lougheed 3,107 m (10,194 ft)
Mount Chester 3,054 m (10,020 ft)
Mount James Walker 3,035 m (9,957 ft)
The Fortress 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
Gusty Peak 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
Mount Inflexible 3,000 m (9,843 ft)
Mount Engadine 2,970 m (9,744 ft)
Mount Kidd 2,958 m (9,705 ft)
Mount Buller 2,805 m (9,203 ft)
Mount Lawson 2,795 m (9,170 ft)
Mount Kent 2,635 m (8,645 ft)
Mount Lorette 2,487 m (8,159 ft)


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