Kananga Mine

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Kananga Mine
Kananga Mine is located in Democratic Republic of the Congo
Kananga Mine
Kananga Mine
Province Katanga Province
Country Democratic Republic of the Congo
Coordinates 10°39′59″S 25°27′59″E / 10.666512°S 25.466394°E / -10.666512; 25.466394Coordinates: 10°39′59″S 25°27′59″E / 10.666512°S 25.466394°E / -10.666512; 25.466394
Products Copper

The Kananga Mine is an open pit copper mine near Kolwezi in Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo.


As of September 2007 it was reported that the mine had not been actively mined since March of that year. 114,000 tonnes of ore had been mined before production stopped. The area to the east of the mine had uneconomical levels of copper, while the western end had been partially mined by Gécamines and more recently by DCP. The remaining inferred mineral resource was 4 million tonnes of ore at a grade of 1.44% copper and 0.74% cobalt.[1] The area of title was[when?] 11.04 square kilometres (4.26 sq mi).[2]


In March 2004, Dan Gertler International in partnership with Beny Steinmetz Global founded a firm named Global Enterprises Corporate (GEC). In May 2004 GEC signed a preliminary agreement with the state-owned Gécamines, finalized in September that year, to rehabilitate and operate the Kananga and Tilwezembe copper mines. Gertler and Steinmetz placed GEC'S 75% share in KOV into Nikanor plc, registered in the Isle of Man. Nikanor's stock was listed on the LSE's Alternative Investment Market in London in July 2006.[3] In January 2008 Katanga Mining finalized acquisition of Nikanor plc for $452m.[4] As of March 2010 the mine was the property of KCC, a subsidiary of Katanga Mining in which Gécamines held an interest.[2]

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