Vasilis Kanatas

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Vasilis Kanatas

Vasilis A. Kanatas (Greek: Βασίλης Κανάτας; born 3 January 1967) is a Greek physicist.

Kanatas was born in Amfissa, part of the Municipality of Delphi. He wrote his dissertation in Astronomy & Uranography, entitled "Concerning Constellations", at the Department of Physics of Patras University.

He is an amateur astronomer and member of the Amateur Astronomy Association "Achyrostrata" (named for an ancient word for our galaxy used by local people), based in the Delphi Municipality.

Vasilis Kanatas is the author of the book Astrology of the 13 Signs of the Zodiac published in May 2011 by Klaudios Ptolemaios Publications. In this he introduces a new, speculative astrological theory which includes Ophiuchus to employ 13 zodiac constellations and proposes the replacement of the ascendant with the place of the Moon on the ecliptic. He also argues that sunspots have an important role in astrology because of their well-documented impact on the Earth and its people. In his book, Kanatas suggested the Greek letter phi (Φ) as the symbol for the sign of Ophiuchus, from the Greek word for Ophiuchus, "ΟΦΙΟΥΧΟΣ"



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