Kanayama Station (Aichi)

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Kanayama Station
Location Atsuta-ku and Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Operated by
  • JR Central
  • Nagoya Railroad
  • City of Nagoya Transportation Bureau
  • Bus terminal

Kanayama Station (金山駅?, Kanayama-eki) is a railway station partly in Naka-ku, and partly in Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. This station is a concentrated terminal of JR Central, Meitetsu and Nagoya Municipal Subway. This is the main access terminal to Chūbu Centrair International Airport, and provides access to Nagoya/Boston Museum of Fine Arts.

JR Central Kanayama Station[edit]

Kanayama Station
JR Central station
Location Kanayama 1-17-18, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Operated by JR Central
  • Tōkaidō Main Line
  • Chuo Main Line
Opened 1962
Passengers (2008) 56,759 daily

JR Kanayama Station is one of the stations within Kanayama Station, and the second one to have been opened, on January 25, 1962; 55 years ago (1962-01-25), after Meitetsu Kanayama. It is a main stop on the Chūō Line and the Tōkaidō Line. On the Tōkaidō Main Line, there is a rapid train known as the Home Liner, and on the Chūō Main Line, there is a rapid train known as the Central Liner. There is a special wicket that allows passengers to transfer from JR lines to Meitetsu lines, which is possible because the Meitetsu tracks are within the JR tracks. There is also a service counter. Business hours at the ticket counter are from 5:30 am to 11:50 pm.[1]




1  Chūō Main Line For Kōzōji, Tajimi, Mizunami, Ena, and Nakatsugawa
2  Chūō Main Line For Nagoya
3  Tōkaidō Main Line For Ōbu, Kariya, Okazaki, Toyohashi, and Taketoyo
4  Tōkaidō Main Line For Owari-Ichinomiya, Gifu, and Ōgaki

There are two physical platforms for four lines. The two physical platforms straddle the platforms of Meitetsu Kanayama, which are sandwiched in the middle. Platforms 1 and 2 are for the Chūō Line, with Platform 1 serving trains bound for Tajimi Station and Platform 2 serving trains bound for Nagoya Station. Platforms 3 and 4 are for the Tōkaidō Line, with Platform 3 serving trains bound for Toyohashi Station and Platform 4 serving trains bound for Nagoya Station.[1]

The station is completely accessible inside the gates for passengers with disabilities.[2]

Meitetsu Kanayama Station[edit]

Kanayama Station

Nagoya Railroad station
Location Kanayama-cho 1-1-18, Atsuta-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Operated by Nagoya Railroad
Line(s) Nagoya Main Line
Opened 1944
Previous names Kanayamabashi (until 1989)
Passengers (2008) 73,167 daily

Meitetsu Kanayama station holds the distinction of being the oldest of the three stations that make up Kanayama Station, having been operating since September 1, 1944; 72 years ago (1944-09-01). Originally it was known as Kanayamabashi Station.


There are three wickets, namely the West Wicket, Central Wicket, and East Wicket. There is also a special wicket that allows transfers between JR and Meitetsu Lines.[3]


2 island platforms serve 4 tracks.

1, 2  Nagoya Line for Nagoya, Ichinomiya and Gifu
 Inuyama Line
Hiromi Line
for Iwakura, Inuyama, Shin Unuma and Shin Kani
 Tsushima Line
Bisai Line
for Tsushima, Saya and Yatomi
3, 4  Nagoya Line
Toyokawa Line
for Jingū-mae, Narumi, Chiryū, Higashi Okazaki, Toyohashi and Toyokawa-inari
 Nishio Line for Nishio, and Kira Yoshida
 Tokoname Line
Airport Line
for Ōtagawa, Tokoname and Central Japan International Airport
 Kowa Line
Chita New Line
for Chita Handa, Kōwa and Utsumi

Nagoya Municipal Subway Kanayama Station[edit]

Kanayama Station
Nagoya Subway station
Location Kanayama 1-13-11, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi
Operated by Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya
  • Meijō Line
  • Meikō Line
Other information
Station code M01
Opened 1967
Passengers (2008) 71,314 daily

The subway portion of Kanayama Station was opened on March 30, 1967; 50 years ago (1967-03-30). Kanayama Station includes a stop on the Meijō Line and Meikō Line. Inside the gates is a small Doutor Coffee shop open every day from 7 am to 9:30 pm.[4]




1  Meijō Line for Aratama-bashi, Yagoto, and Motoyama
2  Meikō Line for Tōkai-dōri and Nagoyakō
3  Meijō Line from Nagoyako for Kamimaezu, Sakae, and Ōzone
4  Meijō Line from Aratama-bashi for Kamimaezu, Sakae, and Ōzone

There are four platforms. Platforms 3 and 4, on one physical platform, both serve trains bound for Sakae Station and Ōzone Station. The other physical platform has trains bound for Nagoyakō Station on Platform 2 and trains bound for Aratama-bashi Station on Platform 1.[5]

Adjacent stations[edit]

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- Higashi Betsuin
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