Kanda, Tokyo

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Festival at Kanda Myojin
Monument to Zenigata Heiji
Hiroshige Le quartier des teinturiers de Kanda

Kanda (神田, godly field or holy field) is a district in Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan. It encompasses about thirty neighborhoods. Kanda was a ward prior to 1947. When the 35 wards of Tokyo were reorganized into 23, it was merged with Kojimachi to form the modern Chiyoda.

It is home to the Kanda Myojin (Shinto) shrine, devoted to Taira no Masakado, who led a rebellion against the central government during the Heian period. In the Edo period, the shrine's festival was one of the three most famous in the city.

Kanda is also the home of the Tokyo Resurrection Cathedral which was built by Nicholas of Japan and is the main Cathedral of the Japanese Orthodox Church.

A popular Japanese television series, Zenigata Heiji, features a fictitious police patrolman (the title character) whose beat is Kanda. Near the end of every show, Heiji fells the dastardly villain by throwing a coin at him.


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