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On the Kandalaksha Gulf

The Kandalaksha Gulf (Russian: Кандалакшский залив, Skolt Sami: Käddluhtt), Finnish: Kantalahti) is located in the Republic of Karelia, and Murmansk Oblast in northwestern Russia. Forming the north-western corner of the White Sea, it is one of four large bays and gulfs of this sea, the others being the Onega Bay (south-west), the Dvina Bay (south), and the Mezen Bay (south east).

The Kola Peninsula lies north of the Kandalaksha Gulf. The city of Kandalaksha is located at the northern tip of the gulf; the new oil port Vitino, some 10 km to the south. There are hundreads of skerries in the gulf. The gulf is shallow, reaching 300 meters on its western side.

Kandalaksha Nature Reserve (Кандалакшский заповедник) includes parts of the gulf's coastline and many of the islands in the Gulf.

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Kandalaksha Gulf scenery

Coordinates: 66°55′N 32°45′E / 66.917°N 32.750°E / 66.917; 32.750

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