Kandis Williams

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Kandis Williams
BornPark Heights, Baltimore, U.S.
Alma materCooper Union School of Art
BFA, 2009
OccupationArtist, editor, publisher, writer

Kandis Williams is an artist, writer, editor, and publisher.[1] Williams has received critical acclaim for her collage art, performance art, and publishing work.[2][3] Williams, represented by Night Gallery in Los Angeles, lives and works in Los Angeles and Berlin.[4]

Artistic practice[edit]

Kandis Williams' work often explores contemporary critical theory including, but not limited to, racial-nationalism, authority, and eroticism.[5] In addition to Williams' studio, writing, and publishing practices, Williams is also a visiting faculty member at Cal Arts School of Art.[4]

Solo exhibitions[edit]

Events, performances, workshops[edit]

Group exhibitions[edit]

  • The Studio Museum in Harlem, New York[12]
  • The Underground Museum, Los Angeles[3]
  • Neu West, Berlin[13]
  • 68 Projects, Berlin[7]
  • The Breeder, Athens[14]


CASSANDRA is a publishing project founded by Williams, Taylor Doran, and Jordan Nassar. Run by Doran and Williams, Cassandra Press produces lo-fi activist and academic texts, flyers, posters, pamphlets and readers.[6]


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