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Kandy is a cloud communications platform created by GENBAND (now part of Ribbon Communications, Inc.) in September 2014.[1] The Kandy platform includes Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) assets. The platform also includes pre-built customer engagement tools, based on WebRTC technology, called Kandy Wrappers.  The platform offers white-labeled services to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and Systems Integrators (SIs).  As such, Kandy Partners typically sell these solutions to their end customers under their own brands.

Kandy Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS)

Kandy's cloud-based platform enables CSPs and SIs to create communications marketplaces that offer developers online access to communication services (such as calling, screen sharing. chat, messaging, etc.)  In turn, these services can be embedded into applications, websites and business processes to make it easy for end-users to communicate in context, meaning the user does not have to leave the website or app to send a text or dial a number. It is also common to use these services for notifications (such as an appointment reminder or check status updates on an order). Kandy CPaaS relies heavily on REST APIs to appeal to developers that are familiar with web development, making it easier for them to extend their existing services with communications applications. CPaaS services are attractive to developers because they mitigate the need for the developer to create their own infrastructure. CPaaS services can typically be acquired with a credit card or purchased via a Communications Service Provider's (CSP's) existing billing services, making it easy for a developer to try out a new service without a large capital expenditure. Kandy CPaaS also provides the option to resell, prepackaged customer engagement applications, called Kandy Wrappers. Kandy Wrappers enable users to chat, call, video call or share content from a website or popular social media services. There is no need to leave the site to start a separate conversation.

Kandy Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS)

Kandy UCaaS, branded Kandy Business Solutions (KBS) provides a cloud phone system or PBX services along with collaboration services (such as desktop and mobile clients and web conferencing).  CSPs and Systems Integrators (Sis) sell these services to businesses on a per seat basis to replace traditional on-site phone equipment (PBXs and key systems). Cloud-based services offer businesses an elastic scaling model and the ability to provide uniform services across any number of sites as well as to remote or telecommuting employees. KBS’ traditional business phone services can be extended with soft clients on PCs and smartphones as well as contact center services. Kandy also offers partners the option to acquire Kandy PSTN services (SIP trunks or dial tone) or use their own.

Kandy Business Solutions uses a white-labeled portal infrastructure to enable Kandy partners to re-brand the service. The portal includes a multi-tier catalog infrastructure to support a multi-tier reseller model. The catalog includes access to prepackaged customer engagement applications, called Kandy Wrappers. Kandy Wrappers enable users to chat, call, video call or share content from a website or popular social media services. There is no need to leave the site to start a separate conversation.


Kandy was formed when GENBAND announced the launch of its real-time software development communications platform in September 2014.[2] [3] Initially only focused on CPaaS, the scope of the platform was quickly expanded to include GENBAND's Nuvia UCaaS offer, rebranded Kandy Business Solutions (KBS).  

In 2016 Kandy introduced Kandy Wrappers, fully developed, ready-to-deploy software apps focused on customer engagement. Kandy Live Support and Visual Attendant are Kandy Wrappers designed to be easily inserted into websites to give end customers in-context communications capabilities. Users can use a web page or social media services to chat, call, video call or share content. There is no need to leave the site to start a separate conversation.      

In 2017, GENBAND merged with Sonus Networks, Inc. to form Ribbon Communications, Inc. The new entity maintained the Kandy offerings and Kandy sub brand for its cloud portfolio.

Since launching in 2014 Kandy has built a comprehensive roster of globally recognized customer and partner brands including IBM[4], City of Los Angeles[5], AT&T[6], KPN[7], Optus[8] and Hong Kong Broadband[9].


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