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Kane (surname)

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Kane is a surname of English or Irish origin. In England, it is derived from the old English name (k)cana.[1] In Ireland however, the name is of different origins as an anglicisation of Mac Catháin, and in Scotland, a sept of Clan MacMillan.





Politicians and military people

  • Elisha Kent Kane, medical officer in the United States Navy during the first half of the 19th century, member of two arctic expeditions
  • Elizabeth Kane (1836-1909), American physician, writer, philanthropist, and women's rights activist. Married to Thomas L. Kane
  • Frank E. Kane (born 1932), Canadian politician
  • James Kane (1895–1964), Australian politician
  • Kathleen Kane (born 1966), Pennsylvania lawyer and former attorney general convicted of felony perjury
  • Michael N. Kane (1851–1924), American lawyer, judge, and politician
  • Richard Rutledge Kane, Resident Commissioner of the Solomon Islands Protectorate
  • Thomas L. Kane (1822–1883), American Civil War general and founder of Kane, Pennsylvania. Married to Elizabeth Kane.



Science and medical







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