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The southern/older part of the school (from 1963).

Kanebogen skole is an elementary school in Kanebogen, a part of Harstad city in Northern Norway. It has more than 300 pupils in classes from 1st to 7th grade, and about 50 employees. Situated right next to the school on the northern side is a stadium for sports, Kanebogen Stadion, which was opened in 1979.

School shooting[edit]

On the morning of April 28th 2009, a nine-year-old boy in fourth grade brought a 12-gauge shotgun and an ammunition belt with ammunition to the school. He first fired a shot at the southern part of the schoolyard, or at the stadium north of it.[1][2] The gun, which had a single barrel, was then reloaded by the boy.

A female teacher, Margrethe Tresselt,[3] talked to the boy – with no luck. A second shot went off, within the schoolyard, when she grabbed the gun. No one was hit, but many children witnessed the event as they were about to enter the school for the first period. A pupil called and informed the police about the school shooting at 08:34 local time.[2]

A reason for the incident was that the boy had been bullied by an older pupil, according to the lawyer representing the family of the shooter – who was to continue being a pupil at the school.[4][5] The father of the boy was fined NOK 10 000 (May 2009 average: €1139 or US$1553) for not keeping his two guns (the shotgun and a rifle) and ammunition according to the rules. The police also confiscated the weapons and ammunition (all of which he legally had owned).[1] This is the first school shooting in Norway where live ammunition was fired by a student.[6]

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