Kanei Uechi

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Kanei Uechi
上地 完英 Uechi Kanei
Born (1911-06-26)June 26, 1911
Died February 23, 1991(1991-02-23) (aged 79)
Native name 上地 完英 Uechi Kanei
Style Uechi Ryu
Teacher(s) Kanbun Uechi
Rank Grandmaster 10th dan

Kanei Uechi (上地 完英[1], Uechi Kanei, June 26, 1911–February 23, 1991) was the son of Kanbun Uechi, founder of Uechi-ryū, one of the primary karate styles of Okinawa. Kanei was instrumental in the growth of Uechi after his father's death.

Early life[edit]

For the early years of Kanei's life his father refused to speak of his martial arts training. However, his father had once again begun teaching Pangainoon and at the age of 16, and in ill-health, Kanei traveled to the Wakayama Prefecture and began training with his father.[2]

Additions to Uechi-Ryu[edit]

Kanei understood early that students of the modern age would have trouble understanding the formal Pangainoon and its three kata. From 1931 through the rest of his life Kanei labored to develop new methods and forms to help students understand Uechi.[3] From this work came the addition of five new kata and two kumite exercises:


Kyu Kumite
Dan Kumite

Junbi Undo
Hojo Undo


Kanei Uechi is the son of Kanbun Uechi. He was the oldest son of four children. He had a brother, Kansei, and two sisters, Tsuru and Kamai. Kanei had a son, Kanmei Uechi, who was the head of the Uechi-Ryu Karate-Do Association, until he died in 2015.


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