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Kang may refer to:





  • Kang (Chinese name), a Chinese surname (康)
    • Kang Sheng (1898–1975), high-ranking official in the People's Republic of China
    • Kang Tongbi (1887–1969), social activist from the early Republic of China period, Kang Youwei's daughter
    • Kang Youwei (1858–1927), reformist political figure from the late Qing dynasty
  • Kang (Korean name), a common Korean surname (강; 姜)
  • Eugene Kang (born 1984), Special Projects Coordinator and Confidential Assistant to U.S. President Barack Obama
  • Jimmy Kang, American music producer and executive
  • Tim Kang (born 1973), Korean-American actor (康)
  • Kang clan, a surname from the Jat community
  • Kang Kek Iew (born 1942), former leader of the Cambodian Khmer Rouge, convicted of crimes against humanity

Given name[edit]

  • Feng Kang (1920–1993), Chinese mathematician and scientist
  • Gongsun Kang (died 221), general of the Kingdom of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China
  • Lu Kang (Three Kingdoms) (226–274), advisor and general for Eastern Wu during the Three Kingdoms era



  • Kang bed-stove
  • KANG-LP, a low-power television station (channel 31) licensed to serve San Angelo, Texas, United States
  • KEUS-LD, a low-power television station (channel 41) licensed to serve San Angelo, Texas, which held the call sign KANG-CA from 2002 to 2013
  • KANG-TV, a UHF broadcaster that was the first television station in Waco, Texas, sold to KWTX-TV in 1955