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Kang Full
Born Kang Do-young
December 7, 1974
Nationality South Korean
Pseudonym(s) Kang Pool
Kang Full
Hangul 강풀
Revised Romanization Gang Pul
McCune–Reischauer Kang P'ul
Birth name
Hangul 강도영
Hanja 康道永
Revised Romanization Gang Doyeong
McCune–Reischauer Kang Toyŏng
This is a Korean name; the family name is Kang.

Kang Full (or Kang Pool, Hangul강풀) is the pen name of Kang Do-young (born December 7, 1974), a South Korean webtoon artist. Though he had no formal training in art or writing, Full launched a website in 2002 to display his comics. Full's webtoons quickly drew attention, resulting in several film adaption based on his works.


Regarded as a "first generation" webtoon artist, Kang had no formal teaching in either writing or drawing comics. His interest stemmed from painting wall posters for the student body at Sangji University, turning them into eye-catching comics in order to attract attention. As a student, he earned the nickname Kang Full by often wearing green clothes, 'full'(풀) meaning 'grass'(풀) in Korean.[1]

Kang decided to become a comic artist prior to his graduation, but initially received little interest from publishers. In April 2002, he launched a personal website and began posting his work online, to great success. By 2008, his comics had reached in excess of 300 million page views. Kang has also drawn attention from the Korean film industry, and several films, including APT, BA:BO, Hello, Schoolgirl, Pained, The Neighbor, and 26 Years, have been based on his work.[1][2] He has also been hired as the screenwriter for a prequel to the 2006 film The Host.[3]

Besides webtoons, Full has also created several comic books oriented to kids. His picture book Hi, Friend has been nominated as a 14th popular book for a very short time.[citation needed]


Year English title Hangul
2003 Love Story 순정만화
2004 Fool 바보
Apartment 아파트
2005 Timing 타이밍
2006 26 Years 26년
2007 I Love You 그대를 사랑합니다
2008 Neighbor 이웃사람
2009 Again 어게인
2010 Every Moment of Your Life 당신의 모든 순간
2011 Lamp Shop 조명가게
2013 Witch 마녀[4]


His comic "Every Moment of Your Life", which parodies president Lee Myung-bak, has been criticized by Korean conservatives as leftist propaganda rather than entertainment.[5] In response, Kang Full has said, "I can't stand bastard act."[6][clarification needed]

Screen adaptations[edit]

  • 순정만화 (Hello schoolgirl) 2008 [7]
  • 아파트 (Apartment) 2006 [8]
  • 바보 (Ba;Bo) 2008 [9]
  • 26년 (26 year) 2012 [10]
  • 그대를 사랑합니다 (I love you) 2010 [11]
  • 이웃사람 (The Neighbors) 2012 [12]
  • Timing (2014)


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