Kang Min

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Kang Min

Hangul 강민
Hanja 姜旼
Revised Romanization Gang Min
McCune–Reischauer Kang Min
Kang Min in the MSL
Status Retired
Nationality South Korean
Role Protoss
Professional career
KTF MagicNs ????

Kang Min, also known as Nal_rA (born 15 March 1982) is a former professional South Korean StarCraft player (Protoss, KTF MagicNs).

Kang Min had relatively long career in StarCraft, spanning victories in both major leagues and seeing his team to a 23-game winning streak. On 11 September 2008, Kang Min declared that he would retire from pro-gaming. He felt that he was not able to meet the expectations of his fans regarding his performance in professional StarCraft games and that he intends to be a professional StarCraft commentator in the future. He has since announced his intention to cease commenting on MBCGame and take up a career in teaching pro-gaming related courses at the Seoul Institute of the Arts.[1] He is considered one of the "Three Kings" of Protoss.

Kang Min sometimes uses the aliases ArChonCap, 119clan, Ha. T, km0315, O_Oi, Great05, canoppy, KissofFire, 5dronegg, Shootingstorm and mO.Oy.[citation needed]

He is one of the few pro-gamers who still uses a ball mouse,[citation needed] and is often seen cleaning it before televised matches; his keyboard is the Samsung DT-35 Black.

Once during a live match, he suddenly asked the game observers to pause the game because he had to blow his nose and asked for a tissue. Not surprisingly, the commentators laughed out loud because of this incident. Ever since that incident, he has been affectionately known as 'Snot Toss'.

Kang Min was once disqualified during a match in SKY Proleague 05-06. He accidentally paused the game in an attempt to change the volume. The referees deemed this as a disqualification.


Kang Min's first appearance in a major tournament was the PGR21 tournament where he met very strong opponents and made his way to the final, but lost to Seo Ji Hun (Xellos[yG]). However then Kang Min participated in the same tournament once again and beat Seo Ji Hun. Another success followed at the end of 2002, where Kang Min qualified for Olympus Challenge League. He showed great skill and reached the finals, but lost again to his great rival, Kingdom. After that he showed some magnificent performance in the MBC StarLeague, winning it and beating Lee Yun-Yeol ([Red]Nada) in the finals. Later he showed master class again, reaching the finals, where he met Jeon Tae Kyu (Zeus). Kang Min reached 2nd place in Korea Pro Game Association rating in April 2004. In February 2006, Kang Min became the winner of the Blizzard Entertainment World Wide Invitational ("WWI") tournament. In July 2006, He became a winner of the 2nd prize in the MBC StarLeague.

Kang Min is most well known for his inventive and creative plays. He is credited for popularizing both the cannon rush and the forge expand, both of which were not yet used widely in the game at the time. [1]

One of his most memorable matches ever seen on TV was the 'Arbiter Reloaded' play where he was playing against the Terran player GoodFriend and used Arbiter Hallucinations in order to successfully use its recall ability . The match was ranked number 1 in MBCGame's top 100 matches.[citation needed]

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