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Gammel Sukkertoppen
Kangaamiut is located in Greenland
Location within Greenland
Coordinates: 65°49′30″N 53°20′15″W / 65.82500°N 53.33750°W / 65.82500; -53.33750Coordinates: 65°49′30″N 53°20′15″W / 65.82500°N 53.33750°W / 65.82500; -53.33750
State  Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country  Greenland
Municipality Qeqqata-coat-of-arms.svg Qeqqata
Founded 1755
 • Mayor Judithe Fredriksen
Population (2013)
 • Total 353[1]
Time zone UTC-03
Postal code 3912 Maniitsoq

Kangaamiut,[3][4] formerly known as Gammel Sukkertoppen,[5] is a settlement with a population of 353 (2013[1]) in the Qeqqata municipality in central-western Greenland.


Kangaamiut is located on an island off the coast of Davis Strait between mouths of two long fjords. To the south is the long and twisted Kangerlussuatsiaq Fjord and to the north is the Kangaamiut Kangerluarsuat Fjord. The mouth of the long Kangerlussuaq Fjord is located approximately 26 kilometers (16 mi) north of the island.[4]


The Dano-Norwegian settlement Sukkertoppen[6] was originally located at the site of present-day Kangaamiut, when it was founded in 1755.[7] It was moved to its present location at Maniitsoq in 1782.


Kangaamiut serves as a port of call for the Arctic Umiaq Line coastal ship.[8]


Kangaamiut has experienced a sharp decline in its population. The settlement has lost more than 36% of its population relative to 1990 and more than 26% relative to 2000.[1]

Kangaamiut population dynamics
Kangaamiut population growth dynamics, 1991-2010. Source: Statistics Greenland[1]


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