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A kangaroo is a large marsupial which is endemic to Australia.

Kangaroo may also refer to:

Aircraft and aerospace[edit]

Fiction and fictional characters[edit]



Military vehicles[edit]

  • Kangaroo (armoured personnel carrier), an expedient conversion of a tank into a amouredd personnel carrier during World War II by British Commonwealth forces
  • Raduga Kh-20 (NATO designation AS-3 Kangaroo), a cruise missile armed with a nuclear warhead which was developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War



  • HMAS Kangaroo, a Royal Australian Navy boom defence vessel in commission from 1940 to 1955
  • HMS Kangaroo, the name of several British Royal Navy ships
  • MV Kangaroo, the name of a Western Australian state ship
  • USCGC Kangaroo (1917), a United States Coast Guard patrol boat, renamed USCGC AB-6 in 1923, in commission from 1919 to 1932
  • USS Kangaroo, the name of more than one United States Navy ship


Other uses[edit]