Kangnam Mountains

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Kangnam Mountains
Kangnam Mountains is located in North Korea
Kangnam Mountains
Kangnam Mountains
Highest point
Elevation 1,046 m (3,432 ft)
Coordinates 41°05′06″N 126°30′00″E / 41.08500°N 126.50000°E / 41.08500; 126.50000Coordinates: 41°05′06″N 126°30′00″E / 41.08500°N 126.50000°E / 41.08500; 126.50000
Location North Korea
Kangnam Mountains
Revised Romanization Gangnam Sanmaek
McCune–Reischauer Kangnam Sanmaek

The Kangnam Mountains are a mountain range of North Korea, in the central part of the country's northern region. They run parallel to the Amnok River which forms the border with China. They lie west of the Rangrim Mountains, which is the drainage divide between northwestern and northeastern Korea. [1]