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Kangoo Jumps
Sociedad Anónima
FounderDenis Naville
Area served
Key people
Mika Naville (CEO)
ProductsRebound boots, fitness programs, sport clothing line, DVDs and CDs

Kangoo Jumps is a rebounding sports brand. It is one of several makers of jump shoes with springs.[1]


Recovering athletes[edit]

Prototypes for spring boots were developed in the 20th century in Eastern Europe. The original purpose for the invention was a recreation device for athletes recovering from leg injuries.

1990s redesign[edit]


This concept was redesigned in the 1990s by Swiss entrepreneur Denis Naville, who focused on improving comfort, design, and performance. Later a group of fitness programs were created as Kangoo Jumps Fitness Programs.

Naville's first model, KJ-1, was presented at the SISEL Sport Fair in Paris in 1994. Since then, the boots have been developed for use as recreational sport devices, available in both adult and junior sizes (KJ3 Turbo, KJ4 Turbo). New products have also come since then. KJ4TT introduced Twin Turbo in 1998. The first model for children was named KJJ-A Junior in 2001. With the new century, KJ4-XR was presented providing extra rebounding (XR) and several new technologies (2003). A year later, first pro model appeared, intended for proficient athletes and heavy people.


  • Running and jogging: Kangoo Jumps were originally developed to reduce the impact stress on joggers' joints.[2][3] They are advertised as being suitable for the avid jogger, serious runner, or casual health-conscious exerciser.
  • Weight loss: The use of Kangoo Jumps is also advertised as a tool for weight loss exercise, offering a biomechanically efficient low-impact environment.[5]
  • Rebound exercise: This is advertised as a means of reducing body fat, firming and strengthening muscles, increasing agility, and providing an aerobic workout for the heart. Kangoo Jumps are intended to provide an increased gravitational load on the body, strengthening the musculoskeletal system and protecting the joints from the chronic fatigue associated with exercising on hard surfaces.[6]

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