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Kanifnath temple madhi
Kanifnath temple madhi.jpg
Country  India
State Maharashtra
District Ahmednagar
 • Official Marathi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
Vehicle registration MH-
Coastline 0 kilometres (0 mi)

Kanifnath (मराठी: कानिफनाथ) also known as Kanhoba (कान्होबा), is a hindu saint. He is one of the nine mahayogis of Navnath Sampradaya. Lord Kanifnathji is an avatar of Prabuddha Narayan in one of Nav Narayan was a son of Shri Vrishabha Deva mentioned in Bhagavata Purana. Lord Kanifnathji was a Great Mahayogi of Jalandhar Branch of nathsampradaya.


Kanifnath Temple is situated at Madhi near the Ahmednagar district of Maharashtra. This temple was built around 300 AD by the communities tribes as well as scheduled castes. Saint Kanifnath had taken live samadhi.


  • Official Website of Kanifnath Devsthan Trust, Madhi: www.kanifnathmadhi.org