Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant

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Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant
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The dam of Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant
Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant is located in Cherkasy Oblast
Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant
Location of Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant in Cherkasy Oblast
Location Kaniv, Ukraine
Coordinates 49°45′59.5″N 31°28′18.2″E / 49.766528°N 31.471722°E / 49.766528; 31.471722Coordinates: 49°45′59.5″N 31°28′18.2″E / 49.766528°N 31.471722°E / 49.766528; 31.471722
Construction began 1964
Opening date November 4, 1972 (first turbine) – April 16, 1975 (completion)
Owner(s) Energy Company of Ukraine
Dam and spillways
Type of dam power plant
Impounds Dnieper River
Height 39.5 m (130 ft)
Length 343 m (1,125 ft)
Spillway capacity 13,200 m3/s (466,154 cu ft/s)
Creates (Run-of-river)
Total capacity 2.6 km3 (1 cu mi)
Power Station
Operator(s) Ukrhydroenergy
Turbines 24 x 18.5 MW
Installed capacity 444 MW
Annual generation 972 GWh

Kaniv Hydroelectric Power Plant is a hydroelectricity generating complex on the Dnieper River in Kaniv, Ukraine. It is operated by the Ukrhydroenego that is part of the state company Energy Company of Ukraine.

The power plant was projected by the Ukrainian department of project-research institute "UkrHydroProject" of S.Zhuk. The construction was conducted by several specialized in this field companies. During the construction also there was built a small settlement for the power plant's working personnel.

Turbines for the plant were produced by the Kharkiv Factory "Turboatom", generators - Kharkiv Factory "Elektrovazhmash".

The dam has a lock to allow a water travel along the Dnieper river. It is a single stage, a single chamber lock. The lock's size is 288 by 18 metres (945 ft × 59 ft).

In 1997 the power plant started to be renovated. The first stage lasted until June 2002, while the second one - 2017. The first stage was financed through the IBRD, while for the second World Bank invested $106 million with addition of the Ukrainian government budget.

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