Kanjūrō Arashi

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Kanjūrō Arashi in 1930s or in 1940s.

Kanjūrō Arashi (嵐 寛壽郎, Arashi Kanjūrō, 8 December 1903 – 21 October 1980[1]) was a Japanese film actor. He entered the film industry in 1927 and came to fame playing Kurama Tengu, a character in the Bakumatsu era created by Jirō Osaragi in his novels.[1] In the 1950s he portrayed the Emperor Meiji in several hit films and appeared in yakuza films in the 1960s. His nickname was "Arakan."


Kanjūrō Arashi as Kurama Tengu

His filmography includes over 300 films:[2]


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