Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area

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Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area
Type Fish and Wildlife Area
Location Starke County USA
Nearest city Knox, Indiana
Coordinates 41°18.229′N 86°45.303′W / 41.303817°N 86.755050°W / 41.303817; -86.755050Coordinates: 41°18.229′N 86°45.303′W / 41.303817°N 86.755050°W / 41.303817; -86.755050
Area 4,295 acres (17.38 km2)
Created 1927
Operated by Indiana DNR
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Ice Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Trapping
  • Boat Ramp (motors permitted)

The Kankakee Fish and Wildlife Area is situated in Starke County at the junction of the Yellow River with the Kankakee River. The state purchased 2,312 acres (9.36 km2) of marshland in 1927 for a Civilian Conservation Corp. camp. The camp consisted of up to 400 men. After the camp closed, it was established as a game preserve. In the 1950s waterfowl management was begun. In 1982 another 1,016 acres (4.11 km2) were added and in 1992 an additional 767 acres (3.10 km2).[2] The Fish and Wildlife area consist of the wetlands between the Yellow River and the Kankakee at their junction and uplands on both the north bank of the Kankakee and the south bank of the Yellow. The main entrance to the area is on Indiana State Road 39 at Indiana State Road 8.

The wildlife area is a remant of the Grand Kankakee Marsh. The Grand Kankakee Marsh was known world wide for its waterfowl. Stories are told of skies blackened by the wings of countless numbers of ducks and geese.


The Kankakee Fish & Wildlife Area has two boat ramps. One in English Lake (juncture of the Yellow and Kankakee Rivers and the other on the Kankakee at Indiana State Road 39. Common fish caught in the Kankakee River include; Large mouth and Small mouth Bass, catfish, and Northern Pike. Common fish in the Yellow River are; Small mouth Bass, catfish, and Walleye. The most common fish that live in the ditches are the bowfin which can be caught on topwater lures.[3]

Wildlife Watching[edit]

The area consist of 4,095 acres (16.57 km2) of riparian woodlands, wetlands, marsh and farm land. A variety of birds can be seen in the area, including: wild turkey, ducks, geese, other waterfowl, hawks, owls, osprey, bald eagle and a wide variety of neo-tropical species.

Department of Natural Resources[edit]

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources manages the area. The local office is at 4320 W Toto Rd., PO Box 77, North Judson, IN 46366, (574) 896-3522


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