Kankan Region

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Coordinates: 10°30′N 9°15′W / 10.500°N 9.250°W / 10.500; -9.250

Kankan Region in Guinea
Kankan Region in Guinea
Country Guinea
Capital Kankan
 • Total 72,145 km2 (27,855 sq mi)
Population (2014 census)
 • Total 1,986,329
 • Density 28/km2 (71/sq mi)

The Kankan Region is located in eastern Guinea. It is bordered by the countries of Mali and Côte d'Ivoire and the Guinean regions of Nzérékoré and Faranah.

Prefectures of Kankan Region include:

Prefecture Capital Population (2014) Land Area (km²)
Kankan Prefecture Kankan 473,538 19,750
Kérouané Prefecture Kérouané 207,547 7,020
Kouroussa Prefecture Kouroussa 268,630 14,050
Mandiana Prefecture Mandiana 335,399 12,825
Siguiri Prefecture Siguiri 687,002 18,500


Kankan Region is traversed by the northwesterly line of equal latitude and longitude.

Major towns include: Bohodou.