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Kankanadi or Kankanady is a locality within municipal limits of Mangalore city corporation.

Masjidh Ali Taqwa at Pumpwell Junction


The Mahaveera Circle (popularly known as Pumpwell Circle) on the NH-66, is the starting point of NH-75, the national highway connecting Mangalore and Bangalore.

The Father Muller's Hospital located in Kankanadi is one of the famous hospitals in coastal Karnataka.

The head office of leading private sector bank Karnataka bank is now located near Mahaveera Circle on NH-66.

Kankanadi is also the starting point for some of the city buses and shuttle buses near the Karavali Circle.

There is a separate flower market and vegetable market at Kankanadi, popularly known as Kankanadi market.

Kankanady village by itself spans a very large area and buses from Mangaldevi pass through this point, making it a common point to many routes which reach the city's centre by passing through this area .

Railway Station[edit]

The starting of Konkan railway made Kankanadi railway station a busy junction. The Kankanadi station situated about 5 km from the city is the official railway station for trains, such as Rajdhani and Garib Raths, which does not go the Mangalore city railway station as it is a terminating point. The station, which comes under the Palghat division on the Southern Railway line, lacks proper maintenance. Recently, Kankanady railway station has been renamed as Mangalore Junction and the main station at the Mangalore city as Mangalore Central.

Educational institutions[edit]

The Father Muller's hospital campus houses the following educational institutions.[1]

There is also a high school named St Joseph boys high school in this area.

Commercial Buildings[edit]

Religious Places[edit]

  • Shree Brahma Baidarkala Garadi Kshetra is a religious place at Garodi in Kankanadi and is of much significance to the Billava community. This temple is dedicated to the twin cultural heroes Koti-Chennaya who lived in the 17th century and belongs to the Billawa community.[2]
  • Mahakali Temple, Ujjodi, AC