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In this Japanese name, the family name is Izumigawa.

Kanki Izumigawa (泉川 寛喜 Izumigawa Kanki?, 1908 – 1969) was a karate master[1][2] who learned Goju-Ryu from Seiko Higa on Saipan. Higa had studied under Kanryo Higashionna (of Naha-Te) and trained with Chojun Miyagi (the founder of Goju-Ryu).[3] Izumigawa was born in Okinawa to a samurai family and was the founder of the Senbukan Dojo, which had its headquarters in Kawasaki City and branches in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kanagawa Prefecture. His son Kanbun carried on his School in Japan. Seiichi Akamine helped him to spread Goju-Ryu and Seiko Higa tradition in mainland Japan, travel to South-America to spread Karate-do and founded the Ken-Shin-Kan school.

Takashi Tanigawa (Koshukan) also studied directly with Izumigawa at the Senbukan Dojo in Kawasaki


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