Kanna Arihara

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Kanna Arihara
有原 栞菜
Born (1993-06-15) June 15, 1993 (age 26)
Other namesKanna
Years active2004–2009, 2010–present
Musical career
Associated acts

Kanna Arihara (有原 栞菜, Arihara Kanna, born June 15, 1993 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan), known professionally as Kanna (栞菜)[1], is a Japanese talent, actress, and a former singer.

Arihara began her career as a trainee of the umbrella idol group Hello! Project and later debuted as a member of Cute in 2006. After departing from the group in 2009, she ventured into modeling and acting.


2004-2009: Cute[edit]

Arihara joined Hello! Project in 2004 as part of the Hello! Pro Egg. Then she joined Tomoiki Ki o Uetai from 2005 until 2006, where she moved on to the current group, Cute.

On February 26, 2009, Hello! Project announced that Arihara was having difficulty performing onstage due to having hallux valgus, or bunion deformity and would also be absent from more Hello! Project activities, including activities in Cute, while receiving treatment.[2] During her hiatus, Hello! Project announced in July that she had left the group and would not be returning in the future.[3]

2010-present: Modeling and acting career[edit]

In 2010, Arihara returned to entertainment and was signed into a model/talent agency called Blue Rose.[4] She soon departed from Blue Rose and signed with Toki Entertainment.[1]

Personal life[edit]

In 2008, the September issue of the tabloid magazine BUBKA reported that Arihara had gone on a date to see the movie Hana Yori Dango: Final with Ryosuke Hashimoto, a member of Johnny's Jr.[5] This affected her image, as soon after the publication, at a Cute handshake meeting, some fans refused to shake Arihara's hand, making her cry in the middle of the event. Excite.co.jp linked this publication with Arihara's sudden departure from Cute.[6] Hashimoto, on the other hand, despite rumors of an upcoming penitence, was promoted to A.B.C-Z shortly afterwards.[7]


For Kanna Arihara's releases with Cute, see Cute discography.



Year Title Role Network Notes
2005-2006 Musume Dokyu! Herself TV Tokyo Morning Musume's variety show
2007-2008 Haromoni@ Herself TV Tokyo Morning Musume's variety show
2008 Berikyū! Herself TV Tokyo Berryz Kobo and Cute's variety show
2008 Yorosen! Herself TV Tokyo Hello! Project's variety show
2009 Bijo Houdan Herself TV Tokyo Hello! Project's variety show[8]


Year Title Role Notes
2007 Neruko wa Cute Herself Lead role[9]
2008 Keitai Shōsetsuka Herself Lead role[10]


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