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Directed by S. S. Baba Vikram
Written by M. Karunanidhi
Starring Meena
Bose Venkat
Music by S. A. Rajkumar
Edited by Vikram Raja
Release dates
February 4, 2005
Language Tamil

Kannamma (Tamil: கண்ணம்மா) is a 2005 Tamil language movie directed by S. S. Baba Vikram. Karunanidhi is famous for his dialogues in "Parasakthi", which saw the rise of Sivaji Ganesan as a Tamil superstar.Kannamma opens with a soliloquy on the people, the nation and the DMK patriarch's hopes for its future. But an inauspicious note is introduced with the mocking recitation of Subramania Bharati's famous lines addressed to "Kannamma".The film is peppered with messages on nationalism, caste and communal harmony. But it lacks the spellbinding effect of certain war films.


The story is that of a rich medical student, Kannamma - played by Meena - who falls in love with Anandan (Premkumar) after he saves her from an acid attack by her driver, Babu (Karate Raja).

Anandan's friend Madan (Venkat) becomes Kannamma's ever-vigilant sentinel, risking his own marriage with Mala (Vindhya).

Kannamma comes to know of Anandan's martyrdom through TV. Her baby is disputed and she is brought before a village council. These scenes sorely test the viewer's intelligence.

With a new generation gradually taking over the party, octogenarian Karunanidhi's message perhaps lies in the two songs he has written, one of which is addressed to youth. The other song, "Iru vizhi mazhai", is sung by Vani Jayaram.


Actor Role
Meena Kannamma -Heroine
Prem Anandan-Hero
Venkat Madan
Vindhya Mala
Karate Raja Driver Babu